A war of words is developing Wednesday after a Westport restaurant failed a second food inspection, leaving it closed now for more than two weeks.

Monday was supposed to be the next step in re-opening the Californos restaurant that's been closed for nearly two weeks.

However, the closing sign remains on the door due a second failed inspection report.

An April 4 inspection report indicated 21 problems, while an inspection report conducted Tuesday indicated just one violation that was not fixed on the spot.

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“It’s been a set-up from the beginning," said the executive chef, who did not want to go on camera but spoke to KCTV5 on the phone.

She says the inspector’s demands have been vague and change with each inspection.

There were four problems detailed in Tuesday’s follow-up inspection. Three of them were corrected on-site with no follow-up needed.

Signs in the kitchen listed the wrong cooking temperature for shrimp, 10 degrees below what Food Code requires. Office staff fixed the sign.

What wasn’t marked as fixed was the chef’s knowledge of food safety and requirements of the Food Code.

The report said the chef thought the shrimp temperature posted was correct and said dishes could be towel dried when Food Code requires air drying. She was corrected verbally.

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The report also says she told the inspector it would be “impossible” to supervise everyone to prevent future violations.

One thing that has been ruled out was produce that would be required to recall on a larger scale.

“We had to look at multiple things and why people are getting sick to see if it’s just an isolated incident or is it something that is part of another national outbreak," said Bill Snook, a spokesperson for the Kansas City Health Department.

At least 126 of 400 people who attended two catered events reported being sick. The Kansas City Health Department interviewed 231 of those who attended.

They’ve narrowed it down to two organisms allowing with associated causes.

It could have been salmonella caused by food kept at the wrong temperatures. Their first inspection did show one of the coolers too warm and the meat undercooked.

Or, it might have been a norovirus caused by an employee who was sick and didn’t know it at the time.

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