A family remains devastated after the sudden loss of a loved one killed as she slept over the weekend.

Now, police are on the hunt for a killer.

That woman has been identified as 24-year-old Kindrea Brown who was found shot in the 6900 block of The Paseo on Saturday morning. Police say her house was targeted, but it's still not clear why.

Brown lived there with her mother, Janet Brown. She says hearing gunfire isn’t out of the ordinary in the area, but she had no idea the violence would take her own daughter.

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"I called her name, and she didn't answer, so I went in the room and I shook her and she still wouldn't respond to me. My heart sunk when she wouldn't respond, and I turned her over only to find out she was laying in a puddle of blood," she said.

Janet Brown says her daughter was known for her bright smile and her positive nature.

"And when people met her, she always left that lasting positive mark. Nobody that I talked to said anything negative, they all said something positive about her," she said.

Kindrea Brown was attending two community colleges and had just found out she would be shadowing at Children’s Mercy Hospital.

"That's the last thing she told me. She said, 'Momma, I finally found someone that will shadow me at Children's Mercy.' So that's what she was looking forward to but somebody took my baby's life," Janet Brown said.

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Police and community leaders are pleading for information to the shooting.

"I'm asking the Kansas City community today, if no other time before, it is time Kansas City to do what's right. We will not allow our city to get back up to what it was last year. It's time to step up," said Rosilyn Temple, head of Kansas City's Mothers in Charge.

Police say several siblings lived in the house but aren’t sure who may have been a target.

"She doesn't appear to be the intended target, but that's the information we're looking for from anybody that heard anything, someone may have talked to someone," Det. Leland Blank said.

However, for Janet Brown and the rest of her family, it’s a plea for a life taken far too soon.

"It's just not fair, it's not fair that they would do that. They hurt us to the core of our hearts. They took somebody from us that can never be replaced never," Kindrea Brown's aunt, Jenetta Hollis, said.

Police and the family are asking anyone with information on the shooting to come forward.

Woman killed in early morning shooting in the area of 69th, Paseo

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