Royals fans from across and outside the metro were disappointed following Sunday's postponement.

Due to the sub-freezing temperatures on Sunday afternoon, the Kansas City Royals-Los Angeles Angels game scheduled was postponed.

They will play a make-up game Monday, June 25 at 3:15 p.m., which was a previously scheduled off day for both teams.

“It took both teams and the umpires to convince MLB that the conditions weren’t conducive to playing, which is why it took some time for the decision to be made," the team said in a statement. "We’re aware that some fans were not happy about the timing, but the timing was out of our control.”

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The Royals added they received word of the postponement and rescheduling of the game moments before the announcement was made.

They also point to the fact the Los Angeles Angels' lone trip to Kansas City is in April, making the rescheduling efforts that more complicated.

The late decision left some fans who had tickets upset.

why on earth wait till the last minute to make this decision ??? This is ridiculous

— miguel Aka (Diablo) (@Eldiablo2705) April 15, 2018

You waited to postpone until after fans were in their seats due to cold weather? That should have been a no brainer by 7:00 this morning. Your organization’s problems obviously run much deeper than the on-field product.

— Jeff Leifert (@CUlawyerinKS) April 15, 2018

Kole Johnston traveled for Manhattan, KS to attend Sunday's game.

“Ohtani - that’s who were excited to see too," he said. “We got there about an hour early, watching everybody warming up, pitchers were warming up. Next thing we know, they posted Jumbo-tron that the game is postponed.”

Fans that had tickets for Sunday's game can use them for the make-up game.

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