(Meredith) -- She's one of television's 'favorite' and most-recognizable moms and now actress Patricia Heaton is celebrating age 60 with a new global perspective.

In the new issue of People Magazine, Heaton opens up about her work on 'Everybody Loves Raymond' and 'The Middle.' How those sitcoms gave her new insight on the world-at-large and what it means to be a humanitarian.

"What I’ve done in the last couple of years is really committed all my energy to an incredible organization called World Vision. It's the largest NGO [non-government organization] in the world and the largest provider of clean water in the world. So, no matter who’s in the oval office, I can actually save a life today by bringing clean water to people through World Vision," Heaton said.

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"As Americans, we might be fighting, we might be angry about things, but really if you just step back and look at our lives, we live in Nirvana compared to many people in Africa and the Middle East, who are living in war-torn countries who are being bombed, who don't have clean water, who don’t have hospitals, who don't have education. We can all do something about that," the actress added.

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