A Kansas City man who told authorities he was hearing "voices" when he wounded two men has been charged with fatally shooting a third man on the same night.

Platte County Prosecutor Eric Zahnd announced Monday that 41-year-old Arnoldo Pompa-Rascon is indicted on first-degree murder and armed criminal action charges in the deadly May 11 shooting of popular tattoo artist Russell Fisk.

Pompa-Rascon previously was charged with two shootings that happened minutes apart and about an hour after the 30-year-old Fisk was shot in his car. Court records say Pompa-Rascon told investigators that the gun wouldn't fire "if they are good people." He's jailed on $1 million bond. No attorney is listed for him in online court records.

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Zahnd says he is reviewing whether to seek the death penalty.

Officers were called 8:15 p.m. Friday to Northwest Barry Road and North Platte Purchase Drive on a reported injury accident. When officers arrived, they found the body of 30-year-old Russell J. Fisk inside a wrecked vehicle just off the roadway. He was shot in the head, police said. Fisk was a talented tattoo artist who worked at Black Card Tattoo Collective.

Tattoo artist shot, killed in 1 of 3 overnight shootings in the...

A witness told police that she was traveling east on Barry Road and saw Fisk's car in front of her and a white car traveling alongside his vehicle. She heard a single "pop" and then noticed the passenger window was down on the white car and then it sped off, court documents state.

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A city camera near the crime scene captured video of Fisk's car and a white or silver Dodge Neon traveling side-by-side on Barry Road. The shooting was also captured on video and was believed to have happened in a nearby intersection.

While investigators were on scene, they were notified of another shooting which happened in the area of 102nd Street and North Oak Trafficway about 9:15 p.m. Court documents state that a motorcyclist had driven home after being shot in the hand while riding his bike but called 911 when he returned home. The 31-year-old victim said he was shot as he was heading north on North Oak as he turning west onto 102nd Street. He also stated that a silver Dodge Neon was the last vehicle he passed at the time.

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A third shooting was reported minutes later at the corner of 111th and North Campbell streets. The victim, a 27-year-old man, was shot in the chest and later released from the hospital.

The victim told police he was driving home Friday afternoon when he noticed a silver Dodge Neon driving extremely slow in a nearby cul-de-sac and stopped at the end of the victim's driveway. It was then when the driver of the Neon shot the victim as he started to turn away from his vehicle and then returned fire from his own firearm he had holstered on his side as the suspect drove away.

According to court documents, that shooting was connected to a reported home burglary about 2:30 p.m. in the 1000 block of East 100th Terrace in south Kansas City. A witness at that event told police that he saw a silver Dodge Neon parked in his neighbor's driveway. A loaded Glock 17 9MM and a loaded Walther PPK .380 handgun, as well as ammunition, were stolen.

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On Tuesday, police were called to an injury accident about 8:15 a.m. behind a home near 101st Street and Missouri Highway 150. A silver Dodge Neon was found in a creek bed. The stolen Glock handgun was found in the passenger seat. The vehicle was registered to Rascon out of Los Lunas, NM.

Rascon was later arrested near Hwy. 150 and Peterson Road after he was held at gunpoint by a nearby homeowner who found Rascon inside his pick-up truck parked next to his garage. Rascon also has three outstanding traffic warrants in Kansas City.

Rascon reportedly only spoke Spanish and was determined to be an illegal immigrant from Mexico and had been previously documented as having crossed the border illegally four prior times, records state.

According to court documents, the other stolen firearms were recovered from a few houses down where Rascon was arrested.

A shooting victim, who selected Rascon from a six-person line-up of booking photos, said he was the person who shot him.

Rascon admitted to police that he stole the firearms and said the Neon belonged to him. He also told police that shot Fisk, a second victim on a motorcycle and a third victim in a driveway. He said "voices tell him who to shoot, but he decides with his heart who is bad and who to shoot," records state.

Rascon stated the gun "won't fire if they are good people."

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