Being prepared for anything is important for any business.

The Kansas City International Airport falls into that category and on Wednesday will hold an intense drill to ensure travelers and employees are kept safe in the face of any danger.

Officials have planned a full-scale emergency exercise including, what looks like a real plane crash.

The scenario will be a plane full of passengers crashing into a business plane on the runway.

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Airport agencies as well as local police, firefighters, emergency responders and a flight crew will coordinate to complete the drill.

Everything that would happen if an accident had actually occurred will happen during the drill.

“This helps the responders deal with the folks, how to treat them, triage in terms of how severe their injuries are and transporting them to a hospital, treating them there and also we even have people who pretend they are the loved ones of victims,” KCI spokesperson Joe McBride said.

Volunteer actors will be put in gory makeup and will be treated and transported to local hospitals, allowing EMTs to respond as if they are treating victims on a mass scale.

“It’s all about being prepared and it’s all about safety and response, to keep people alive and safe should the worse occur,” McBride said.

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Flight crews will be at the gate, responding to the mock incident and talking with other people in the terminal, those will all be volunteers as well.

“We really want people to understand that there is a full-scale exercise going on at KCI and that they may see smoke that is generated and vehicles responding to the airport, that it’s all for practice and there is no emergency happening. Fear not, it is just an exercise,” McBride added.

Officials say the drill will not slow down any travel at terminals B or C but passengers will notice the mock crash.

The drill is required every three years by the Federal Aviation Administration. After the exercise, officials will meet to go over what worked, what didn't and how they can improve.

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