If you’ve ever watched The Rant weeknights at 10 p.m. on KCTV5 News, you know how angry some viewers can get when they call to complain about an issue or a problem they have.

But for the last couple of years, about once every month, we get a rant that's not really a rant at all. They come from a woman who is always full of kind words and positive energy.

Clema Lane is a Kansas City original, and she wonders why more people don’t call into The Rant with stories to uplift.

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“I get so upset every time I hear them talking, and I say, 'My goodness, can't you find anything good to talk about?'" she said.

Now don't get Lane wrong. As a loyal KCTV5 viewer for years, she says she gets a kick out of what some people rant about.

Lane says it must be her cheery attitude that makes her such a hit at her job raising donations for the National Federation for the Blind.

She's so friendly, customers sometimes send her small gifts when they find out she has a soft spot in her heart for toy animals and Pez dispensers.

"I love animals. I don't have a pet or have family, that's just like me having a pet," she said.

Her collection is impressive. But, she says it's not really about the objects themselves but rather the people they came from.

"The same goes for all my little animals, they were all given to me. When I look at them I see the person who gave them to me and picture their smile and their face," she said.

KCTV5 asked Lane how she stays so positive and claims she has to work at it.

“Now I admit, there are times when I worry and things bother me, and bug me and certain people bug me but I just say, 'Clema, let that go.' And I just ignore and go on," she said.

We need more people like Lane to call into the Rant line. We already get plenty of negative phone calls. It's reassuring to hear about the good things that are happening in Kansas City.

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